Krell KCT vs Mark Levinson 380 S

I was wondering which preamp has the best sound stage and transparency and capable of the full dynamic range. I will be running a KSA 200 and if the Krell KCT is the one will not be running the CAST.
If you folks can kindly let me know the best direction to go I would appriciate it.
Honestly the Levinson is a good match with the Krell It will give you a deeper and wider soundstage with much more harmonic richness than the krell could ever dream of giving you. Krell is good gear but they portray their soundstage as being in the front row and Levinson sees it as around the 10th row. I agree with Levinsons theory. I had a 335 and I sold I was doing away with my two channel and once I sold it I was very sad. So I got back into it and I now have a Krell FPB 200C Mark Levinson 39 cd player with a pair of B&W N803s And it sounds awesome I do miss the all Levinson sound at times but it sounds great the way I have it. I couldnt find a 335 when I went to rebuy my new system.Trust me go with the 380s you can thank me later. Also Levinson is a much better company when it comes to customer support and service. Good Luck Gino
I've owned both Levinson and Krell amps and pre-amps. I agree with Lev335, particularly about the "row". The Levinson is a more laid back sound. It's particularly convincing for vocals, jazz, and chamber music. It can depend on your speakers--if they are laid back and you want to get a more forward sound, you might choose the Krell. I've personally found that very forward sound (from electronics-as opposed to speakers) a little harsh and sometimes fatiguing to listen to at lengths. As to customer support, I've had service from both and both were excellent--what you should expect from excellent high end manufacturers.
i would take the conrad premier series preamps. it will offer better sound stage than either preamp . it will smooth out the krell also.
I haven't listened to either preamp, but do use the Krell KRC-HR which I love. It is paired with big Krell amps and big B&W speakers. The sound is truly breathtaking.
I do have two important points to make:

1. I have found Krell service to be exceptionally GREAT!
2. I would talk with Krell about using a tube preamp with their amps, as it is possible to cause problems.

If you are bying new, go to a dealer and try them out. Here in San Francisco, we have a dealer that carries both. If you live elsewhere and you don't have such a dealer, you might call them (San Francisco Stereo).
Good luck,