Krell HTS1 and KAV-1500 Operating Questions

What is the DB-25 connector? Is it supposed to replace the 5 interconnects for each channel. Is there an disadvantage to using this?

Also, if I'm hooking the Krell KAV-1500 amp to a Monster Power HTS-5100 with a AVS200, do I really need a dedicated outlet for the amp as described in the owners manual.

And last question, how much headroom does the HTS1 need? Can I stack a DVD player on top of it? I know the amp needs at least 4".

Thank you!!!
I would avoid stacking the hts as it tends to get a little warm, the db connection is designed to replace the interconnects, , you can also call krell service, they have great customer service, good luck
I have heard others say the DB-25 connector is not sonically as good as individual interconnects. A dedicated circuit is always sonically better than a standard 15 amp circuit with other items plugged in line. Do as much as you can to eliminate problems from the equation and the result will be great. Happy listening :-)
My 1500 did not like the Monster conditioner. It is now plugged directly into a 20 amp dedicated line and is very happy there. plugging the dvd player and other electronics into the Monster was very beneficial. And by the way, my cable tv did not work well with the monster conditioner either. It was sort of plug and listen till I got things right.