Krell FPB 700CX

I wonder why Krell has provided two sets of speaker binding post for FPB700CX ?
Are they for biwiring ?
Yes. It makes it much easier to do a double biwire, especially if you have stiff cables.
I own a renewed Krell 700cx, just came back from Krell, the amp is esentially new!, maybe the only one in the u.s.a.!, costed a pretty penny I must say!,Krell also used the newest caps that are better than what was supplied in 2005 for my amp, by theory, this Krell 700cx should sound better than the original 700cx amp,, yes, Zd542 is correct, the post is for bi-wiring, I use Taralabs omega jumpers on my speakers that is alot cheaper than buying another pair of Taralabs omega gold speaker cables to bi-wire to an effect that I am very impressed to say the least., currently, I am awaiting to get another source before I fire up the amp that is still in the sealed Krell box, cheers.
You got you Krell back and didn't even try it yet? LOL!! What if Dan slipped with the soldering iron?! Back to Krell it goes!! And what about that poor Tara PC that doesn't have a home? It just sits in the bag? (Yes, I know its a very nice black velvet thing, or something.). But that's not the point. Plugs need to be plugged in, switches need to be turned on.
@ Zd542, Hi, valid point made, However, I do not like breaking in audio one at a time!, I will have pateience here and gather my money to aquire another source, then do a one time break-in, thats all cables, componets at the same time!, by the time the amp is done, all the rest of everything will be too. cheers.
Keith, When you are finally ready with your source.... turn on the juice and rip it for days! That is how I would do it with your Krell amp!
Dang-assed wimped sissy-fried nay-sayers!! Best of luck and Cheers!
... Keith, Enjoy a sweet Brandy along with :)
Thankyou Isochronism, thats exactly what we intend to do, please come over to the Tara thread, I do miss talking with you, we consider you a dear friend!