Krell Evo 505 cd-player versus Krell KPS28cx

I like to replace my Krell KPScx cd-player (improvements in dac circuitry have taken place in the past 7 years!) with the Krell Evolution 505 cd-player (the only player in cast now) and sincerely hope I make a step in the right direction. In other words I hope the 505 is a better performer in stereo playback than the KPS28cx. In Stereophile (vol31 no9) Fred Kaplan raved 'width was wider, depth was deeper, imaging was sharper - but unlike some gear that excels at all these audiophile virtues, the Krell 505 sacrificed nothing in musicality. These audiophile virtues and of course the warming up in the middle octaves since the FPB series are part of my personal taste. That's why I really like the Krell sound philosophy. I am the owner of a complete Krell cast soundsystem . Krell KPS28cx, Krell KCTcx preamp. and Krell FPB 700cx amp. Siltech cast interlinks. Speakers are JM Lab UTOPIA with Transparent ref. XL loudspeaker cables.