Krell CD-DSP cd player repair

Hello gentlemen,
I bought the Krell CD-DSP new in 1991,and it has worked and sounded very fine until this year.The unit has never been serviced. So no complaints for all the years of service.
It has a CDM1 MK2 laser transport, but I feel the problem is not the laser.There are days it will play for hours without
any problems.Other days it will not read certain disc but,
turning the cd clockwise with the Krell puck always gets it going again. Also once in awhile I get some popping from both channels.I called Krell, but they said they no longer support service on this unit.
So my question is, would someone be so kind to refer me to
a service facility, or person that you think would have knowledge on repairing this unit thats in the USA.I live in the Nashville area, but have no problem shipping it.
I feel the Krell is worth repairing if it can be.
Thankyou for your time and look forward to your reply.

Hello Markwayne, call Steve (link provided), he used to be the head of the Krell service department for something like 20 years. Super nice and helpful guy. He services all the old Krell stuff.