Koetsu Black mc

Hello, I am looking for info re: the above cartridge. What is the sound of this cartridge, when was it manufactured,are there any problems with it????? Thanks
Maybe the first thing to say about it is that it's old, on the scene maybe as long as 15 years ago, maybe longer, for all I know. The second thing to say is that it's below the Koetsu Red or Rosewood in their line. Maybe a third thing is that it was regarded as roughly equal to another oldie but goodie, the Denon 103D. You'll probably get more specific info than this, but maybe this much is a start.
I have a Koetsu Black. I acquired it in 1983 timeframe. I believe it sounds better than anything I heard at that time. I also think that it was at the bottom end of their line. Retail at the time was aproximately 800$. Mine was acquired in HongKong for aproximately 350$. It is a low output cartidge. the cartridge came with no real documentation in a small pine box. hope that helps some...
I had one way back when. Sounded great. Traded it in towards a Black Gold Line, which was much better, then traded that in towards a Rosewood...wonderful !!!

Note: There is now a Black Urushi (per the magazine hifi+)