klipsch heresy, please be critical

what do you guys honestly think about the klipsch heresys for all types of music, although i mostly listen to rock, jazz, and classical. I personally like them, they do sound very different than other speakers in its price range, but not necessarily better. Is it considered "audiophile?" What are its positive and negative characteristics? Can i do better for the money, if so what other speakers. Please be critical, this is a big investment for me.
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There are TONS of low cost modifications that you can do to the Heresy's. The end result is a speaker that is FAR smoother and more natural sounding while still retaining all of the dynamic punch that it currently offers. If your interested, email me. Sean
I owned a pair of Heresey's--the originals not the IIs. I liked the originals much better than the IIs. These speakers are dynamic and tonally neutral with the exception of the roll off on the the high (above 17kHz) and low (below 35Hz). The weaknesses were imaging and soundstage--they really never produced a convincing soundstage. They also did not produce very deep bass--this is by design to create a very efficient speaker. For rock music they are terrific. For classical they are pretty good as well--but may sound a bit veiled. For jazz I never really cared for them very much because of the lack of soundstage. Female vocals is probably their worst area. The other thing about Klipsch speakers is that they really play well loud--they just don't seem to do much until the volume level is pushed a bit. So there are many other good speakers out there, but it's not just a matter of what you listen to, but how you listen, and what aspects of a speaker are important (deep bass, imaging, dynamics etc.) There are no speakers that are reasonably priced that will give you everything--it's all compromises--and only the listener can really decide which ones make the most sense for them. Hope that helps.
Quite frankly I find them loud, thin, terribly bright & very fatiguing. Honking horns. Hardly audiophile quality. At their price point you could do much better.