King Audio speakers?

has anyone heard them? I know they were at the CES show but was not able to make it. Just curious.

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pricey and martin loganish

Their base model, which sounded the best in the small hotel room sounded very good and was $4K, not bad for a solid electrostat in my mind. Their larger models were simply too big for the rooms @ CES to get an idea of.

I spoke to the head guy for a while, it was immediately clear he either had very bad english, which didn't seem to be true, or he had no idea how audio is sold in this country...

can you compare them to any other stat? Also, do you remember who you spoke to? Is it Simon?
The lower model that retailed for ~$4K if I remember right was very open and smooth with good bass extension for a stat. I thought they were pretty large, but looked to be made well. Moving up their line, they speakers became way to large for a hotel room and the bass got muddy and blurred, this is why I said I thought the cheapest one I heard sounded best at the show, tough to say what they would sound like in a bigger room.

Can't remember who I spoke with.
Lew Lanese of bought his review pair of King Audio speakers because he liked them better than the Piega P-10s that he sold me. All I can say is they must be pretty damn good to displace the Piegas, which just may be the last speakers I will own (famous last words).