Kef Reference 203/2 vs Wilson Audio Sophia 3

My Kef ref 203/2 is driven by pass labs xp20 pre amp and xa 100.5 power amp. Can I consider wilson audio sophia 3 as another option?

Your question doesn't make a lot of sense, do you mean to ask if the Sophia is a better speaker or will I gain greater musical performance if I upgrade?

I would pose a question as why you are not considering the KEF 207.2 which is vastly superior in many ways over the much smaller 203.

The 203.2 is a $10k speaker while the Sophia's are $18k. The KEF 207.2 at $20k is a direct competitor to the Sophia and the Sasha.

The 207 is not just a bigger 203 there are of course similarities between them the 207.2 has a warmer punchier lower midrange, due to special mid bass coupler driver, used only in the 207.2. so the differences between the 207 and the 203 are:

greater output,
a bigger sound,
a richer punchier midrange and midbass,
much more deep bass.

So the question you should ask would be is the Wilson sound better or different than the KEF sound?
Thanks for the info. What about comparing kef 207.2 with wilson audio sasha w/p in terms of sound quality.