KEF LS50 Wireless IC and PC thoughts.

I’m thinking of rolling with the analog connection on my KEF LS50 Wireless speakers to take advantage of my Node 2’s MQA abilities. I have a spare set of Kimber Silver Streak ICs. Are these a good choice to use?

Also, will I see any benefit in a slight PC upgrade on the KEFs and Node, something like Pangea PCs?

Thanks for any input.

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The Kimber ICs should work great with the LS50W.  You’ll have to try the DACs and PCs for yourself to see what works for you.

The LS50 speakers are wonderful, especially when setup and tuned properly.  We have used the passive model with small, simple amps all the way up to large, Class-A transistor and tube designs, and they keep sounding better the more refined the source and amplification components.  For the size, price and performance, the LS50 Wireless is one of the best speakers currently available.

Keep me posted on your journey and discoveries.