Keep Sunfire Amp but change Processor

I realize the Sunfire we all loved has faded. I have the TGIII and signature amp for yrs but now it's time to acquire all the audio formats related to blu. I am considering just going integrated with the Pioneer SC-25 or 27 and boxing the Sunfire stuff. It just seems such a waste to box the amp. Thoughts? Any pros worth adding with the Sunfire amp?
I don't know if this would do what you want,but it may be an option.Link>>[]
The Integra's seem like a good buy.Plus they have a newer version from what I've read here somewhere.
I have considered the Integra 9.9 or 80.1 and the Onkyo PR-SC5507P but also am leaning toward integrated units such as the Pioneer SC-25 or SC-27 or Denon AVR-4310CI.
Hopefully somebody that reads more about whats coming in the future(Next month,or next year) will jump in here.Things keep changing faster and faster as time goes by.Buying something that may be outdated next year seems like a tough decision to make.Now its HDMI 1.4(3D?).I haven't heard the Pioneer or Denon.Then a lot of future proof gear isn't,or cost a fortune to upgrade it.I like the separates better because mainly the processor gets outdated instead of the amps.But a new receiver that cost the same as a processor may get by if it sounds good enough.Its hard to tell until you get it home.I wish I could do better.
I have a 4-year-old Sunfire signature amp that puts out 800w to each of 5 channels into 4 ohms and am using it with an Integra 9.8 Processor. The only thing that went into a box was the Sunfire processor, which is very outdated. Maintaining separates yields more flexibility and I agree that the processors will need upgrades before the Sunfire amp will. Most are now going towards software upgradeability where possible.

I am using the Sunfire to drive center and surround channels for movies and it does a very nice job, especially considering the caliber of the rest of my 2-channel system (which is also used for movies). I guess I'm just of the old -"if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school...

Not sure how much sense it makes to lean towards an integrated unit when you've already got a great solution for part of your "problem" in the Sunfire....
Ok after several more days of research, I am staying with the Sunfire amp and going with a new processor. I am waiting on pricing options for the Onkyo and Integra. I did decide against the Integra 9.9 unless I can find a deal.

Thanks for the help to all that responded.
Or you could go with a bare bones unit like the Onkyo 707, it decodes all the new audio formats and has preamp outs for your Sunfire amp.