K-01 and the effect of adding an ext clock

Has anyone added a G-03X clock to a K-01.

If so, what was the effect.

I cannot stretch to the rb clock.


Hi, i haven' tbut if I were you I would try to upgrade somewhere else.

Lots of literature about clocks and their effects. For one single box players people tend t osay benefit is small at tis best. And your unit is top of the range integrated player. If any I would go for the rb. Very much doubt there will be any effect on the k01 with the g-03. Note with the new G-01 rb clock there may be good second hand oportunities for the rb. but again I am not sure of its effect over one box units.
You would be wasting both your time and money with the G-03x. The internal clock of the K-01 is better than the G-03x. If you can't afford the Esoteric rubidium clock, be happy with the K-01 and make improvements elsewhere in your system.

Even with the rubidium clock, the degree of improvement is not great, and is totally dependent upon how revealing the rest of your overall system is. In some systems, you would definitely hear a difference; in others probably not.
A friend of mine tried Antelope 10M Rubidium clock on his K-01 and found no difference.
Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it.

Based on everything I have read, I will give the clock a miss. Seems to be a very minor improvement.

It's not just the minor sonic improvement, but also the cost of footers, power cord and interconnect cable to take into concideration.