Just recieved my ASL Waves, they are amazing

These are an incredable value a $240 a pair. They sound fantastic. I'm using a passive preamp(with one set of inputs and one set of outputs) and I am amazed at how good they sound. They sound as good, or better than my $1,500 EL84 integrated.

Hey Pete,
Glad you like them. What speakers did you get after selling the EFE's(too bad, I should have bought those)? I bought a pair of the Wave's very shortly after they were introduced and I was disappointed in them. Even though I had the easy to drive Triangle Titus's at the time, the Wave's just couldn't muster enough grunt for me. Interestingly, most people that I've talked to seem to like them just fine.

So, what speakers are you driving and how do these little tubies compare to that French SS amp. you're trying to get rid of now?



Hum, you must have gotten a bad set of Waves. I have heard that quality control is or was a problem with them. One of my transformers vibrates more than the other one. I don't know if it's common but it it doesn't effect the sound. Also, I first tried them with a vintage Eico HF-85 tube preamp which is highly regarded. Didn't like the sound at all. All of the music could be heard coming directly from from the speakers and there was no soundstage. Then I recieved a Luminous Audio Axiom passive preamp for $125. It's basically an attenuator with a Caddock resister and high quality internal wiring. There is one set of inputs and one set of outputs. It is a very simple little device. The sound was like night and day. Everything got better. The sound opened up big time, a HUGE difference. That's with JBL 4410 Studio Monitors. I don't think they are very effecient and they don't go loud enough for me. Next week I should receive my DIYCable.com HE10.1 Signatures. They are 95.5db and I don't expect volume to be a problem. I don't think the EFE's would be happy with the Waves. The EFE's like a lot of power to show off there dynamic capatbility which is their strong point.

I really liked my time with the Vecteur. The Waves are not near as detailed or dynamic but are more open. I guess it is your usual tube vs. solid state
charateristics. The Vecteur sound a lot more "alive" than the Waves but the waves are gentle and smooth. They offer two different sounds.

I'll let you know what I think of the HE10.1 Signatures. I'm looking forward to getting them. As I've said many times before(and to the dissapointment of many audiophiles) half the fun of this hobby is not listening to music but getting new stuff in the mail.(<:


Hey Petey,

Sounds like a bit of system synergy going on at the Whitley house. I used the only pre-amp I had in the house at the time and that was the front end section of an Arcam Alpha 10 integrated. Could be that the Arcam was not a good match. BTW, I had a chance to buy the LAT passive for $100. I probably blew a good deal huh?

You are right, getting new stuff is half the fun. I've had 4 speakers and 4 amps in the last year and 3 receivers. Buying at A-Gon Rules!!!