Just got my Dv20X2 H had a question

just took it out of the box and noticed the cantilever looks off center slightly. Is this common what should I do ?
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Take it back!
good Idea The distributor is saying cant be he checkes every one out before he sends them LOL.Maybe needs new glasses.
Yeah, take it back. With a message. A polite one.
There are some discussions over at AudioAsylum about Dynavectors with off center cantilevers. I had a similar problem with a DV20XH (the model just before the one you have). The dealer refered me to the distributor who exchanged it for another. So, be polite and it should work out for you.

PS: Disappointing to hear that new Dynavectors are still shipping with off center or slanted cantilevers. The good news is that the distributor is a good guy and very helpful.
Thanks everyone they are sending me a new one and when I get I will udate. Btw I am always polite to whow ever is polite to me.
Yeah, the trick is to remain polite to those who are not to you.
Well got the new cartrige and the cantilever is straight but now I have to tilt the arm quite a bit to get the Azimuth correct. It sounds nice but I feel it's not right for the amount of money.
Are you setting azimuth by measuring crosstalk or just visually?
Hi I measutred it with a volt meter, Fozgometer and by listening.

This thread was forwarded to me. I just took a photo of Frank's first 20X2H and sent it to his dealer. I inspected the cartridge from many angles and with varying levels of magnification, as well. If the cantilever is not centered or straight relative to the cartridge body, then it must be by a very, very small amount. Perhaps my eye sight is not up to the task. I can email the photo to anyone interested. My first concern is that Frank is happy and enjoying his records.. though, I'm very concerned as well that anyone would think DV or myself would supply something with an obvious fault.
Regarding detailed cartridge set-up- I would set the cartridge up parallel to the record and put some time on it before doing much fiddling. Also, while few analog set-up tools are completely without merit.. both the technical director at DV and an analog engineer I know with decades of experience have both tested the 'fozgometer' and reported that it does not necessarily give a complete picture of all the issues involved with crosstalk.

As an aside, I would suggest to anyone that thinks they have an issue with a product they've purchased, that they first contact the folks responsible for that product. Going to online forums, first, doesn't make any sense to me. If you're a DV owner in the US and have a question or concern about your cartridge that hasn't been sorted by your dealer, then I should know about it. I suspect most everyone reading this either has their own business or works for a business and would prefer direct communication. There are always exceptions, but in my experience, both in and out of the hifi world.. folks want their customers to be happy and will go out of their way to treat them the way they like to be treated themself.
OK, enough of me and my rambling..

Best wishes,

Mike Pranka