Jungson DVD player defaults - Help

I need some help with my DVD player. Let me start by saying I am a complete nitwit when it comes to the technicalities of audio gear and/or over 50, which seems to amount to the same thing! With that disclaimer, here's the creek I'm up: Upon turning on my Jungson New Moon 2 DVD player, and selecting "play" a screen informed me that the "child lock" setting was "on" and I could not proceed without entering a "code". [Player was purchased used, with no manual. Has worked fine, without such a warning, for months.] Lacking the "code" required, I tried every way I could find to bypass it. Eventually, I found hidden in the "menu" an option that said, "no code". I selected that option, and was promptly asked for the "code" - presumably a code is needed to opt not use a code! In any case, having hit a dead end, I attempted another workaround. The menu offered me an option of "no defaults" or something to that effect (I can't remember wording precisely). Thinking the "code" might be a "default" and that a menu showing what defaults I might choose to discard might appear, I selected "no defaults". My tv monitor then showed black & white with the scrambled dvd menu spinning through, as if, hmmmm, there was no longer any "defaults" determining an appropriate signal. Which brings me to my two questions: 1. How can I restore "defaults" to a Jungson New Moon 2 DVD player? 2. If I am able to restore the defaults, how can I make it so a "parental code" is not required? Thanks very much for any help!
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If you unplug it it may erase and restore to default tho it may take time for an internal battery to drain, there are many players that when holding a cetain button in for a few seconds you can restore default, further try code #1234....or #oooo as most folks dont actually change a simple factory code, good luck.