Jota Monoblocs drive Kharma 3.2fe?

Do you think a pair of Art Audio Jota bxls 300b tube monoblocs could drive a pair of kharm 3.2fe loudspeakers (8ohm and about 89 to 90db)?

Any other SET suggestions for that loudspeaker?

Thanks, Jeff
I drive mine with a pair of Cary CAD-211 AE monoblocks. While these are not SET they are magical. I'll bet the Cary 805s would be great also and are SET.
Noy my experience but a good friend drove her Avalon Eclipse speakers with a pair of Jota's and she believes it was one of the best combinations she had with such speakers.

I have had naby Avalons (at least three) and always drove them with beefy amps (Rowland, Gryphon and Pass), but since I do respect her opinion I pass it to you.

I have ordered tonight from British manufacturer of Art Audio a pair of high current Jota monoblocks 18wpc -rated wats- with extra current augmentation to drive easily the kharma crm 3,2f 89 speakers wiuth really flat impedance responce .
The information i had antill today was superb about these SET monoblocks Jota.Will be supplied with the Emission Lab 520 tubes.
Another important point of these Jota monos is the high input impedance 220 Kohm ,that means good matching with preamps having even very high output impedance:best match between preamp-amp when impedance ratio out put preamp:input amp at least 1:100 as my First Sound Paramount S.E.
Good luck - let us know once they are in.