Jolida FX10 - KEF 103.2

Any opinions on a Jolida FX10 ( sexier) vs NAD C326BEE running a pair of KEF 103.2 s? I listen to a lot of Electronic (Underworld, Luomo) as well as stuff like Radiohead and Cold Play..

Having owned both the Jolida and NAD and going by your music choices I recommend the NAD. I don't know much about KEF speakers. The Jolida is only 10 watts and would probably be fine at low volumes. However, once you turn it up, the bass response on the Jolida will be extremely flubby and or lacking. Electronic music tends to be bass heavy. The NAD is a very good top to bottom amp. What the Jolida adds is texturing and some additional warmth to the music. The NAD is neutral, if a little cool sounding.
Having owned 103.2's and alot of other KEF's from that era I would strongly advise the NAD as the KEF's need power. 10 watts just won't cut it unless it is a very small room at background level. I used a Cayin A-50 with my 103.2 in a small office and it barely worked. I ended up using a McIntosh 1900 receiver and it worked fine. The guy I sold my 103.2's to is using them in a rather medium size office with an Outlaw receiver and an Audiopro subwoofer with excellent results.
I have the Jolida in a bedroom set. My speakers have fairly high efficiency (95db) ratings and really love the lush midrange (to use a loathsome cliche), but the bass response is very much lacking. I've ran them with a set of nice floor standers that have a fairly flat bass response in the mid 30s and am very much convinced the issue is the amp.

It is a fun amp and is priced right at $420 or so, but don't expect much response in the lower ranges.