Jolida Amp+Phono vs. Rogue & Other Dumb Newbie Qs

Hi, I appreciate all of the assistance I received in my other thread about putting together a system for $3k. It looks like I will be about $1k over budget to get the sound I want, but I'm sure others on this board can commiserate.

Here's what I have so far thanks to Audiogon recommendations and classifieds:

* Vandersteen 2CE Signature speakers
* Rega P3 with updates

Here's what I still need to purchase:

* Integrated Amp
* Phono Stage (if not included in the above)
* New cartridge for the TT

My musical tastes run the full spectrum from classical to rap, but I would say that most of my listening time will be devoted to classical and classic rock.

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I am looking for advice / recommendations for the following components I need to finish my system.

1) Amps and Phono Stage (budget $1,500)

Here's what I'm currently considering:
On the tube side:
a) Jolida JB505 integrated and JD9A phono stage
b) Rogue Audio Chronos (possibly Magnum)
On the solid state side
a) Rega Mirra
b) Creek 5350SE

2) DAC (budget $500)

Any good recommendations for a used DAC <=$500 through which I can run my iTunes?

3) Cartridges (budget $500)

Currently thinking about upgrading to either
a) Rega Exact 2 MM
b) Sumiko Blue Point Special MC

4) Interconnects (budget $500)

How critical are these and what would folks recommend <= $500?

5) Rack (budget $1,500)

Any suggestions on a good brand / model to hold everything?

6) Overall

Any thing else I might be missing or other suggestions / recommendations for someone new to higher end audio?

Apreciate all of your continued help!
I have Vandy 2CE sigs running on a Rogue Metis pre and a PS Audio HCA-2. I bought both on Audiogon for less than $1500 together. I have since upgraded the Metis to Magnum status, and I recently purchased a Rogue Stealth phono pre, but the standard Metis sounded great and its internal phono pre was quite good. I have a Rega P5 turntable. I use a Denon 110 high output MC cartridge, which you can get new for less than $150, and the combination with the Metis phono section and the Rega table and arm sounded great. The Denon cartridge will save you a couple hundred compared to either the Exact or the Blue Point, and I doubt you'll feel like you have "settled." I could afford a more expensive phono cartridge but I love the Denon and have no plans to change. In fact I am tempted to buy another to have as a replacement when I wear this one out.

As for a DAC you can usually get a used Cambridge DacMagic on Audiogon in the $350-400 range. I use one with my Sonos system and am very pleased with it.

Interconnects? It's mostly nonsense. Get good wire with good shielding and mechanically sound terminations and ignore all the subjective looniness. There are plenty of vendors of economically reasonable, well constructed cables if you look around on the net. Save your money and buy more music. The idea that interconnects or speaker cables should cost more than good speakers is absurd.