Jolida 502B upgrading to Accuphase E206

I am in a dilemma.

I have a Jolida 502B and I am quite okay with the sound and have chance to sell it and buy a Accuphase E206. The problem is I never heard the Accuphase and only relying on my friends advice to get it.

Should I move to the Accuphase? Will I miss something from the Jolida tube amp?

Please I need your advice.
The Accuphase will sound "better" - without sounding as good,
That means the E206 will give a clearer slightly "clinical" sound with better bass BUT the tonality will not be equal to a tube amp.
The Accuphase E206 is an excellent amp - unless you are "spoiled" by tubes that is.
Go for a tube amp which is "point 2 point" and/or SET ... 
BUT I would consider first to get high efficiency speakers (>92db) and a "Metrum Octave" or better "Metrum Amethyst" Non-Oversampling DAC (which is sounding very natural and is a perfect match for tube amps)
Just my very personal view - YMMV
... the most fun will be with a turntable though