Joilda or Music Hall for Hybrid Amp?

I have a Jolida 1501 integrated hybrid amp (solid state amp/tube pre-amb/100 watts/ch) and I am looking for a good match for a CD player. I liked the amp because I will use it with monitors and I wanted as clean and punchy as bass as possible, but I also like the smooth highs and midrange. I have only had the amp a week (Underwood Hi Fi) but it seems very clear and solid.

I am now looking for a CD player. I am considering buying either the Music Hall CD-25 or the Jolida 100a. The Jolida has tubes that I thought would further smooth the sound and gets very strong reviews (but costs several hundred dollars more). However, I was wondering if this is too good of a CD to match with the amp, i.e. am I putting my money in the wrong place by spending so much on the CD player. I can’t afford anything more than the Jolida, and even that is a stretch but I thought it might be worth it to get the source sound as good as possible.

Also, the Music Hall has an HDCD chip and the Jolida does not.

I am currently running the system with an old pair of Klipsch floorstanders but we are moving and I will switch to bookshelf monitors. At the top of my list is the Von Schwiekert VR-1s, which I hope to listen to when I’m in California over the holidays. I listen to rock (Grateful Dead, Clapton, Cowboy Junkies), jazz (Coletrane, Armstrong) and some chamber music.

Any recommendations?

Thanks, David
I use the Jolida CDP in a system with a Unico and Meadowlark Swifts and it sounds wonderful. Your source component is very important, so I don't think that money spent there is wasted. As for the Music Hall, I would not buy it solely on the basis of HDCD capabilities. Ask yourself how many HDCD discs you actually own.

He might own more than he knows. Many are not labelled as HDCD. Additionally, there are probably more HDCD's than there are SACD's. However, this should not be the sole reason to purchase the player, like you state.

The CD-25 is a very good player. It doesn't have the romance of tubes but is still musical. It does provide very good detail as well. IF playing a HDCD, it is spectacular. I currently own one that was modded by Dan Wright via Response Audio. It definitely takes it up a couple notches from the stock one.

Oh, it does benefit quite a bit by adding an aftermarket power cord.
I don't know if this is appropriate to do in this space, but I have a Music Hall CD-25 that I would sell you for $340 plus shipping. I am the original owner and it is in great shape. I mostly listen to radio so it has relatively light use in less than the two years I have owned it. I am only selling it because I am buying the same unit that has had some upgrades done to it. I think the Music Hall is a great player at the price and I love the looks and solid build. If you like it and your system evolves, it is easily upgradeable via several mod sites discussed here at AGon. I have the original box and remote as well.

Let me know,