JMLab Spectral 913.1 information

Anybody has the JMLab Spectral 913.1 Loudspeakers ?
I have the oportunity to buy a pair in mint conditions, like new, at very affordable price, but I don´t have any experience with JMLab.
Unfortunally I can´t compare them with Electra series, but many people say that Spectral and Alcor are the best JMLab production.
Any suggest, information, comparations will be OK.
I used the spectral 913.1 for six years, it is a great speaker . It do not need a very powerful amplifer , and the tweeter and bass is excellent , so it is the reason why it is not popular in the audiogon. Once you find your lover , it will last for many years. If you like popular , rock, it is very great to use it . In the future , when you getting older, you will like the female voice, then you need to change.

Even I grought a pair of Cremona, I will keep it and play with it sometime.

Have fun to enjoy you JM Lab speaker. it is a good choice