Hi All,

I own some JM/Focal Electra 906s, and I've lost the manuals that came with them. JM's website is the most worthless thing I've ever seen. Can anybody email or fax me the specifications? If so, my fax is: 419-530-4440 (c/o Russ Reising).

I just need the basic facts: sensitivity, impedence, power requirements/limitatins, etc.

2-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker One 6-1/2" W cone mid-bass 1/4 coil, 4" magnet One 1" Tioxid inverted dome tweeter, 3/4" coil, two 2-3/8" magnets low end extention 45Hz (-6db) Response ~ 50Hz - 23kHz (+/- 3db) Sensitivity 90dB 8 ohms impedance Two pairs of gold plated binding posts .
Any 20 watts or more amps will drive this speaker at no problem..I have the JM LAbs 905 driven with a 65 watts monoblocks amp at no ease.The result is very satisfactory.I hope this will help you.
Many ;thanks pescolar. That's what I needed to know.

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