Jitter devices from $200 to $500

I've been shopping around for anti-jitter devices for a couple of months now I've read many articles and reviews so far i'm leaning towards the Monarchy DIP for $200 I can's seen to find a single review of the Assemblage UJB-1 by Sonic Frontiers (UltraJitterBug) I don't think they are producing them anymore, since it's no longer on there site I know it's not 24/96 compatible, is the Monarchy DIP 24/96. Any thoughts, on the device in general, especially the for the Sonic Frot (Assemblage) Jitterbug? tnx/Gu
Hi Gu; The SF UJBs were reviewed several years ago in Stereophile, and at the time were class A components. I have two of them and they are excellent, but I now only need one. So, if you're interested, I'd sell a gold face UJB for $250. You can contact me through Audiogon (look under "Learn" and member look-up). Craig.
Somebody will be all over me if I'm wrong.But I think the 24/96 is in the DAC.I have had :dti,dti pro,dti pro32, gen.dig lense. When I had my dac upgraded to 24/96,and still using the lense,It was the BEST EVER,sound improvement for 300 bucks I ever got. Your milage may vary.
I just got my JISCO, jitter reduction devise, & my first impressions are a much more natural & liquid sound. I tried it on some very expensive gear & the effect was signifigant. The website is www.jitter.de If you are interested in great digital sound, this is it. Richard :)
I read on JISCO's website that a jitter reducer will not work on a DD 5.1 signal. Has anyone ever tried this? Will it strip out the DD signal or prevent any conversion at all? I just ordered a jitter reducer for my satelite receiver and I am now wondering if it was a good idea... Thanks!!!!