JBL 250TI Limited Edition, Classic and Jubilee

Does anyone know the difference between these versions of the same speaker. Have you heard them? Is the Jubilee still available new? Anyone have a mint pair for sale?
A little help here please!
I have a pair of the regular JBL 250ti speakers in my bedroom from the mid 80s, but am not familiar with the classic or Jubilee. I went to the JBL website, and the Classic and Jubilee were not listed, In the late 80s I saw a pair of the 250tis in piano black, that may have been the classic you are refering to. When I bought mine, they came only in teak. As far a JBL is concerned, this is a very good speaker with awesome bass, but not much soundstage depth. They are big, pyramid shaped, and have a 14" woofer with a foam surround. The woofers are no longer available, but the midrange and tweeters are from the JBL website. I had to have my woofers rebuilt 4 years ago because the foam surround was disintegrating. If you are in the market, check out the foam surrounds on the woofers first thing. Other than that, they are built like a tank and really rock, and weigh in at close to 175 pounds per speaker. Wired internally with Monstercable, they do not possess that old school strident JBL sound like the L-100s of that time frame.
The later models (sometime in the 90's) used
the 035tia instead of the 044ti. The rest of
the drivers are the same. The crossover points
also changed.