Jadis/Spendor system

I have a Jadis orchestra reference, Spendor s5e speakers,
Symphonia CD, Kimber Timer interconnects, Analysis plus
oval 9 cables. Sounds seems kind of "dead". Any sugestions?
Have you tried any of the older Spendors like the S8 or S6. They were what the new "e" series replaced. They were beter speakers in my opinion. I would trade for a pair of S8's personaly. There is nothing wrong with the S5e but they do sound kind of... well, dead.
I've owned Oval 9's in the past. A few years ago they were the hot wires. I say pick up a pair of the AU24's. Look for the best price--If they offer no help; you should be able to turn them for the same price'cept for maybe 10/15 in shipping.-- Another inexpensive sug.--If you have nada for conditioning; you might look for the Custom Power Block for a couple of hundred.The cord is fixed which saves a bit.---Again even this can be turned for whatever you paid.--- I think these are great things to try with a pseudo /kinda; money back thing. Least I forget-- have you done any tube changes??
No, they are the stock kt90 tubes.
Having lived with this amp for about five years, I think you need to look at a different pair of speakers.

Also, the amp sounds much better with either JJ KT88 or E34L tubes. Much sweeter and alive.

Personally, like with any amplifier, I have found some speakers to make it come alive, and others leave it to sleep. Along the way, I paired it with many different loudspeakers. The best combination was with my Coincident Digital Master/Troubass subwoofers, running either of the JJ tubes. It simply played the music exactly right, and the resolution, refinement, dynamics, and believability were wonderful. I have never before used the word "perfect" to describe anything audio, but the tonality was perfect. THE absolute best sound I have ever had.