Jadis JS2 MkIII DAC?

Anyone had a chance to hear the new Jadis DAC?

If so, please say whether it was through the USB input or through the SPDIF input.

As curious/sceptical as I am about digital music from a computer, I had the opportunity to hear a new Jadis JS2 MK III in my own system. Normally I play records and sometimes CD's. As a project I am ripping my CD collection to a hard disk for my (very simple) second installation in my weekendhome. Easy to handle and a lot of music in a small box. Never had the intention to play 'audiophile' in my homesystem. Boy was I wrong! I was flabbergasted about the sound, which I never expected. The Jadis wasn't burned in and the USB cable from homedepot store. The set up: Dell Ultrabook, WD 4TB external harddisk, JRiver MC20, Music FLAC, Audio Quest XLR interlink to Audio Research Ref3 (preamp), Jadis JA80 (mid/high), Pass Labs 600.5 (bass) and Apogee Full Range speakers. The sound, stage and musicality went further than I am used to hear from my Audio Research CD7. I have no experience with other tube DACs, but now I am saving money for my own JS2. Can't wait to hear it play with a good USB cable and burned in tubes. Hope my respons is helpfull for any further desicions.