IXOS cables, how good are these cables?

I am looking into IXOS for my new NAD Master Series Amp and Preamp. Would the IXOS Aptimus anlog cables and speaker cables fit well with this system. Any recommendations?
This question is old but I will contribute the following for future reference:

I use IXOS XHS243 14 AWG SUPERSTRAND SPEAKER WIRE between my Naim NAP120 power amp and (currently) Arcaydis AKS speakers with excellent musical and sonic results. This is an inexpensive, spaced parallel pair, multistrand cable which is flexible and easy to place. Musical nuance, involvement, and emotion are well conveyed, and sonic attributes are entirely satisfying. Dynamics are plentiful on appropriate program (digital and analog), frequency balance is even and wide-range; sibilance on female vocal, in particular, is well-controlled.

Ixos assure me that their cables work with all amps, and I would recommend this one, at least, as worth a try to those who are looking for inexpensive cable compatible with Naim amps. I am presuming that, as my amp is one of the oldest in the history of Naim, a cable which works well with it will do so as well with others of more recent vintage.