iTunes problem

Since I downloaded the latest iTunes version, I notice that it does not play songs consecutively. Basically, I browse genre\artist\album, I doble click one song within the album and it ONLY plays that song, whereas before it used to play the entire album.

Can you please help?

Set up: PC (Apple Lossless) - Wavelenght Audio Brick DAC
Make sure all of the boxes are checked by the songs.
You are a genius! That was it. It had nothing to do with upgrading to the new iTunes version... I unchecked all the songs in order to prevent crashing my iPod! Thanks
Why is it crashing your iPod? Too many songs for the iPod? You can probably check off the option to "auto-sync" with iPod option on iTunes to prevent it from trying to load the iPod every time it's connected.
I find that it really helps to open iTunes before you plug the ipod into the USB cable. My computer used to get really slow so now I open iTunes then plug into the USB and it's fine.