Isophon: Any opinions on Isophon speakers

Have only recently come across a German speaker manufacturer - Isophon - would appreciate any opinions out there on Isophon speakers in general - and on the Isophon Enigma and Isophon Galileo
The only time I've heard Isophon speakers was in my friend's VW Rabbit in the mid to late '70's. They were some of the first car speaker systems with separate tweeter and midwoofer drivers.
I heard Isophon at CES2003. They were driven by both SS and tube gear. The sound was pristine but analytical.
all of the vintage german radios using them, they sound amazing with low powered tube gear, most of the Isophon speakers are fullrange, don't need a tweeters or crossovers. aka Telefunken speakers, find if you can 12" alnico magnet ones. you will ike them with small amplifiers.