Is there a way to bi-wire MMG s?


I currently have taken the back plate off of my MMG's and have hooked my speakers wires directly to the crossover wires. I have the yellow and blue wire going to the negative side and the red wire going to the positve. I justed "unplugged" them and slipped them over a spade lug. I'm using bi-wire cables so one half of the cable is rolled up, not used. It seems like there might be an easy way to bi-wire these speakers without doing any soldering. I would love to know how.


Try The Planar Speaker You may have to first log on to Audio There are many threads and discussions on modifying that speaker. Also call Magnepan and see if you can get a x-over schematic from them. Good luck but I strongly suggest you solder your connections; any benefit of biwiring will be easily offset by poor contacts.