Is Parasound D/AC-2000 ultra still good?

Is Parasound D/AC-2000 ultra still good especialy comparing to newer DACs like Benchmark or Lavry DA10?

Thank you.
The D/AC-2000 is a very good sounding DAC. I think some of the newer DACs like the Benchmark offer improved performance. I replaced my Parasound D/AC-2000 with an older modified Monarchy D22 DAC, which I thought was a bit more musical. And I sold the Monarchy quite a while back and have had a few different DACs since then. I'd like to think that each time I've switched I felt it was an improvement. I presently own a Benchmark DAC1. Bottom line: if you can get the Parasound for considerably less money than a more recent DAC, I'd consider it. If not, definitely go for a more recent DAC.
Thanks a lot for the answer!
Hello; Yes the 2000 is a good design;They are modifiable. However there is no support for the converter as Ultraanalog is gone from the marketplace; So if it developes a problem....Robert