Is EquiCore Deep Core a Great Benefit When Used With Core Power 1800?

Looks like most all the threads about this topic are gone Thus my question.  I have the CP 1800 and wondering if the Deep Core is worth the extra $$$ involved. I'd like to hear from those with experience rather than speculation. Thanks
It made an improvement in my system, but not as large as the CP-1800, which, honestly, was stunning and far exceeded my expectations.  That said, I was living in a Manhattan apartment at the time, and it might have had particularly dirty power.  The Deep Core went in after my pandemic move to Long Island, so very different electrical grid input to the system.  you can really only know by trying it in your system.  If you do a search for CP on the Shark, you will see there is one out there for sale at $699.  Walter also gives good deals that include good pricing on the power cord you will need to connect to the 1800.  Let us know what you think, if you try one.

PS-I have not had a helper to help me adjust the level of DC shunting yet
Thanks for the impressions and the heads up. Guess I'll have to try it. The adjustment ability is quite interesting. Didn't know that
The EC 1800 alone significantly improved the SQ of my system and adding the DeepCore resulted in improvements in specific areas. Low-end seems to have more extension, I think it's really that there's better quality bass, it's fuller and more defined. Jazz bassline now cuts thru and takes its place with other instruments. With rock, more separation and definition with bass and kick drum.
My system has excellent 3D imaging, adding the DC brought out the subtleties of instruments throughout the soundstage, there's more inner detail. It's noticeable in classical that is not over-mic'd. 

I'd say go for it if you can get it from Wally at the sale price. And his power cord works very well between the two units. I tried a few different PC's and his had the best synergy. 

Thanks @lowrider57 . I agree that the 1800 made a noticable difference in my system too. Guess it's time for the deep core. Better let my wife's head quit spinning before I get it though. I've been going through the kids inheritance pretty good for awhile now. She likes the benefits so far though.
Your system is beautiful, it deserves the DeepCore. Tell the wife you got it on sale. 

Thanks for the compliment. 
 Fwiw I always tell her that. It will go in the back of the rack so she may never know....well, unless I forget and bring her the cc bill.