Is a hearing aid the best possible tweak for 50+

Is a hearing aid the best possible tweak for anyone over 50?

New Digital Hearing Aids With Music Programs.

I am 55 and I have a slight hearing loss (it was first noticed when I was 50 and I had my hearing checked for free at COSTCO).

I recently purchased from COSTCO a Bernafon Chronos 9 hearing aid (Swiss manufacturer) that has a two preprogrammed MUSIC settings. This is the only new digital hearing aids that I found that have these settings.

I was skeptical thinking how can this little microphone, amp and speakers in the hearing aids work with my expensive stereo system.

However COSTCO gives a 90-day money-back guarantee so I decided to give them a try.

WOW was the result for music (typically vinyl), I heard instruments I haven't heard in years. Poor recordings suddenly sound good. Good recording suddenly sound great. All of a sudden Led Zeppelin sounded good to near great as I could now hear Jimmy Page's guitar.

For less than $3,000.00 for the hearing aids I now truly had an outstanding stereo system as follows:

Grado Statement Sonata1 Wood Body Phono Cartridge

JLTI Phono Preamp (Swiss Made and very good)

Linn LP-12 (Valhalla) with a Hadcock 242 tonearm

Sunfire Theater Grand 5 Preamp in Bypass Mode.

Modified and Upgraded Behringer DCX2496 active crossover for Emerald Physics CS2 speakers.

Sunfire Theater Grand 5 matching five channel amp (TGA-5200, 200-watts per channel) for the four channels needed for the bi-amp requirement of the Emerald Physics CS2 speakers (the amplifier’s rear output ("Voltage Source") are connected to the woofer input terminals, the amplifier’s front "Current Source" output to the speaker’s upper range input terminals.

Please note the hearing aids did little to help my overall hearing (except for music) as my hearing aid loss is only slight (I believe it is sloping down to 20 db down at 10,000 hertz). My main complaint is that I cannot hear conversations in load restaurants, movies are fine, etc. t
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The best bet for over 50 listeners is to get their ears professionally de-waxed and cleaned.