iPod vs Zune

Please help, Im an audiophile who wants to take music on the go. I currently listen to tubes at home and am looking into my first mp3 player. At this point I'm not looking into connecting it to my home system, but who knows in the future???

Now for the problem. I have found only a handful of current reviews/comparisons of the newest generation players. I'm looking at the 120gb Zune vs iPod Classic. On paper, they're pretty similar. I like the Itunes interface better than the Zune's, but sound quality is a bigger concern. It seems there is a larger following of iPod's but is that due to a status symbol thing, the fact that they have been out longer, or truly better?

On a side note, does lossless really make a noticeable difference over ACC 192 when just listening on the go?

Please help and thanks in advance.
Since you like the interface of the iPod/iTunes better that should be enough reason to go with the iPod. It's unlikely for portable use that the Zune would be any better from a sound quality point of view especially if you're using a "lossy" file compression.
I use Apple Lossless since it is noticeably better sounding than any "lossy" format and put 300-400 cds on my 80 gig iPod Video and over 500 on my 160 gig Classic with room to spare. Your best sound quality comes from, I think, the quality of compression and quality of headphones.
As a plus, there are more accessories available for the iPod than any other player and you may find it useful to use the iPod thru your car stereo while driving. It sure beats carrying 400 cds.