Ipod Lockup with Wadia 170i Transport

Using a ipod touch into a Wadia 170i transport. I get random lockups maybe once, twice a day. All of a sudden the ipod will stop, I'll get a black screen with a white apple logo. Anyone experience this??

I've already restored itunes twice, and it persists.

Thanks for any information.
I had this with my car ipod hookup (dice interface), it did it about once a day for a month and then miraculously the problem stopped and has not been an issue again. hopefully your issue will recitfy itself as well...
I would give Wadia a call.
Also can you try another iPod for a few days?
This could help isolate which is the problem.
This is not an uncommon issue. Just restore your iPod to default, then sync the music all over again.
Well my ipod classic 120gb works with out an issue with my Wadia 170i but just yesterday I tried my wife's new ipod touch 4rth generation 32bg and it did'n even charge or play music,