Ipad connection to BMC DAC1

Hello BMC DAC1 users,

Is it possible to use Ipad as a source using the DAC1 USB 1.1 input? My intention is to use DAC1 as a preamp (via balanced XLR) and DAC function. If such connection is possible perhaps I need to find a reliable lightning/USB 1.1 (USB 2.0) adapter.
I saw a review on 6 moons mentioning Teac DS-H01 S/PDIF cable connected to the DAC1 but the Teac is now discontinued and its docking is for old Ipad 24 pins. I can use the Mirage AVR SR7008 for air streaming but it is a 
big machine to add to the rack just for streaming function. 

Thanks for your help and happy holidays!
Problem solved!
With the help from Lumin team in HK I connected the Lumin A1 BNC to DAC1 to use BMC DAC and connected A1 balanced XLR to use the Lumin DAC.

Great support! The long distance and time difference is not disadvantage,as I feared. I got the email answer in 30 minutes. Peter is very nice, knowledgeable, and prompt.

Just got back from an Asian trip. Plan to stop by HK next time to say hi to the team.