Internet Radio

Hi all,

After downloading pure music software on my Imac , I can't get internet
radio to play.What's wrong? The ripped cd's sound very good. What can i do to fix this problem? I would appreciate your advice on this matter.
Thanks for your time.

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i don,t think it works with itunes radio. back to the manual for more reading. it is over my head to say the least. i just read they don,t recommend solid state memory because they have a finite read and delete life. i then read about plug-ins. what are these and how do you plug them in? so much to learn but that is ok by me. and the sound quality from my itunes library is the best i have ever heard. even some old mp3s sound better to me.
ps,, my itunes radio doesn,t play either so you are not the only one
IIRC, most players do not support streaming. Just use iTunes.
I would suggest you try the TuneIn app for the iPod. It is just amazing what .99 cents can do for you.

I use it with a Wadia 170i box for great sound, but even on the analogue outs, its not half bad.

The TuneIn app is THE most complete way of getting hundreds and hundreds of FM stations sorted by country, language, type, all this with graphics and great sound.

Try it, you won't go back to the computer for radio, garanteed.