Currently run mostly Audioquest Niagras in my system. Was wondering what other products that might be suggested for comparison?
I have always had good luck with Linn IC's. I sold a set of Nordost Heimdall's and a set of Blue Heaven's. Something got messed up in shipping when I bought 2 sets of Linns (from England on Feb. 17th) but anyway I received them today. Not only do they function as all of the other Linn IC's I've had, there is no more hum in the system. I once had an all Linn system and always liked their IC's. I do have Nordost Power Cords and Speaker Cables that I like, but Linn's IC's are excellent with tube or ss. I bought 2 sets for 80.00 including shipping from England and something got messed up in shipping so I got a 3rd set for having to wait 40 days. Not a problem, I left the seller a positive feedback, and now have 80.00 invested instead of 500.00 with the Nordosts, have sound just as good and no more hum.
For a moderately priced line that surpasses much that is higher priced, consider listening to your system through Reality Cables from Gregg Straley.
His website has a contact number for real life conversation with the man himself.
The products are aptly named so that you can best hear the capability of each connected component.
Might help if you give us an idea of the system Bluesnbike. I've had Monster, XLO, Acoustic Zen, Audioquest, Cardas, Atlas and Nordost cables in various systems but I am currently using Siltech and Kimber cables at the moment (with Nordost power cords)