Interconnect question for Audiolab

I have an original Audiolab 8000Q connected to a pair of 8000M monoblocks. My source is a Mac Mini with Amarra and a Wavelength Brick DAC.

What do you recommend in a 2 meter interconnect between the preamp and monoblocks and a .5 meter between the DAC and preamp?

Thanks for helping!

Well, depends on your budget of course, but one of the best values I know is the Auricle design by Joe Mazzaglia. These have equaled cables that cost three times as much in my systems.
Thanks - do you have any familiarity with Morrow cables?
Sorry, no, except for having read their ads on Audiogon. To judge from the testimonials, the introductory sale offer would be worth a try. If it didn't pan out it wouldn't have much resale value, but a spare is always handy.