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i have finally got a system that i can live with for awhile (out of money). i am using a mismash of cables (auidoquest; home brew; radio shack etc). i have a joule la100mkIII; rougue 120s std; mac 67 tuner; birdland dac and pioneer dvl 90 as trans. they are driving merlin vsm-m. looking for some quality interconnects that will compliment my system and not break the bank. van den hul? cardas? tgaudio? harmonic tech? do not even know where to turn.

Some Coincident should do the trick.I have Rogue 120 in a system they work real well.
I second the above post: Coincident CST should be the ticket. They will sound good out of the box, but give 2 or 3 hundred hours and you will be surprised.
Homegrown silver lace can be purchased with 30 day trial. Works very nicely with tubes.
I like the Coincident also. It competes with ICs 2 to 3 times it's price. Read comments on Sakura OTA thread. The ICs from the OTA kit along with there speaker cable are the best I have heard. The Coincident, Quattro Fil, Kimber 1030 and Venture ICs have all been put to bed. You may not be impressed with there looks but you have to hear this stuff. This whimpy, skinny, inexpensive stuff has done in all the mentioned ICs. I was able to wire my entire system for the same price as a pair of Coincident ICs. I think I am done playing this wire game. There is something very right about this wire or something wrong with all the other wire I have spent time with. I have $300 in this wire and it is outperforming a $4000 speaker cable and a $3500 IC. Man, do I feel foolish. Hope this helps. Hope you learn from my mistakes. You do not have to spend a lot to get a lot.
Stealth M-7 Interconnect Cable, pure silver, I used them between CD player and preamplifier, preamplifier and power amplifier. open soundstage and subtle details.

The manufacturer offer 30-day trial period.

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I made a pair of Chris VenHaus' recipe interconnects. Cost me about $80 or so, I like them a lot. Pretty easy to make if you can solder somewhat decently. Obviously everyone has a different opinion so good luck picking one out of the many!
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There is a reason why Merlin's Bobby P. strongly recomends Cardas Gold Ref. The speaker has a very neutral tonal balance. So neutral on the new Milleniums that wires that stray from neutrality, even a bit, tend to sound thick or wiry. It sure ain't cheap but if you buy it one piece at a time as finances permit, you will eventually have the very best.

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