Integrated Preamp/Tuner?

I am looking for an integrated Preamp/tuner for 2 channel listening. I have a Mcintosh 7270 with Mirage M1 speakers and listen to CD/SACD on a Philips 963.
Must have a remote control and tubes might be nice. Any suggestions?

I haven't seen other responses on this, so I'll jump in.

To start with you might want to search on the forums. I asked this same question a year or two ago. Two vendors that come to mind are Adcom and B&K, but I believe others were suggested as well.

The only product I have heard in this category is the Adcom, and I own an Adcom GTP-506. I am underwhelmed by this thing as a tuner.

The "mono" switch doesn't do FM mono - it mixes the incoming signal (whatever it is, CD, FM, etc.) down to mono. This is handy for mono playback (I do use this), but not handy for improving FM sound -- unlike other tuners, switching to mono doesn't reduce background noise.

The tuner doesn't do as good a job of eliminating static as my old Technics tuner (I believe it's multipath distortion that it doesnt eliminate well).

I haven't really listened to this thing as a preamp in my main system, so beyond the tuner it's hard for me to judge. My preliminary impression is that it's a bit bright.

On the plus side, the thing has 2 tuners built in, and three zones, so you can use it to control your whold house!
The Hafler 945 is a fine sounding pre with a VERY good sounding tuner.
It has full remote and is sleek and nice looking.
They sold new for $600 and the average used price is ~$400.They dont come up often but worth the wait or search if you want to spend in this price range.
I believe that MacIntosh had a few models in the '70s. I won't give up my Nak 630 Tuner-Pre-amp!. A most unique tuning dial (a real dial, round, not linear) with vernier motion.
Thanks all for your responses.
NAD Monitor Series 1600/1700. Owned the 1700 and enjoyed it very much. Nice simple remote. Tone controls w/variable turn-over points. Wonderful Bass-EQ switch. Rotary dial for tuning. Overall a very nice piece of equipment.