Integrated for my Aerial 7B's ?

I am downsizing from 5 too 2 channel, I would like to use a integrated if possible for my 7B's, I am thinking of a krell kav 300IL, any opinions or alternatives ? thanks
See my thread on solid state integrated amps:
I would be skeptical of any integrated for the 7bs for maximum performance. While they are a very good speaker, they clearly need power and lots of it, and even the krell/class/mf integrateds may not be enough to make them sing. I eventually sold mine because of their need for clean, dynamic power. good luck.
I realize that the Aerial 8's are bigger but I run them with two Classe ca-150's in mono and they do sing. The staff at Overture's Audio claim that more is better. I was running them with one CA-150 and the sound was better than my old system however the improvement with the two amps is nothing short of breathtaking. I would also recommend that you have the best front end possible since the speakers will know the difference. Steve
I'm using a Theta Casa-BlancaII with a 5 channel Dreadnaught to drive a pair of LR5's, CC3B and I just ordered the SR3's for the rear. I have one SW-12 now and should have my second one in another week or so. I'm expecting great things out of this system for both music and movies.

What does this have to do with integrated amps? Not much, I just like talking about Aerial Acoustic speakers.

If you need to make do for now I would think Krell, BAT or even a Classe CAP 151 would be a nice integrated piece to have in your system

Good luck!
What's your price point?
If you can afford them, Gryphon electronics and Aerial are a perfect match. I have had the Gryphon S100 and Tabu pre for a while. I went through Vandersteen 3Asig, Soliloquy 6.3s, and Von Schweikert VR-4s (updated).When I purchased a set of Aerial 8s everything came together. The sound is awsome. I also have a Gryphon Tabu integrated that I hooked up to the 8s. I never knew an integrated could sound that good.
Good Luck in your search.
Rogue Tempest or Cary SLI-80.