Integrated amp recommendation for Focal 1038

Hello, I left the hobby for a bit and just got back into due to a local listing for some Focal 1038 BE II speakers I couldn't pass up. I purchased the speakers and am now looking for a recommendation for an integrated amplifier. I will be hooking them up to a rebuilt Technics SP 10 mkii TT mounted with a Ortofon quintet black cartridge and a pass labs xono phono. I listen to mainly classic rock vinyl and my room is pretty large, the speakers will be more towards the middle of the room and pretty far from the walls. I do not listen at really loud volume levels. Ideally I would like a Pass Labs XP 20 hooked to a Pass Labs amplifier like an xa30.5 but with just purchasing speakers cannot get that at the moment. Any suggestions in the $2500 - 3500 range? I am drawn to Pass Labs typically for the deep tight bass and good imaging. Currently considering a Pass Labs int-30A, Bryston B135 sst2, maybe a Cary integrated like the SLI 80 or 100? I've never really ventured into tubes before though.

I have a pair of 1038s. I use Rogue RP5 pre-amp and Rogue M-180 monoblocks to drive. Works for me.

I had Parasound A21 hooked to 1038 and was very much satisfied.
Then I got the Threashold monoblocks and had to sell the Parasound.

A21 is a power amp and you can either buy P6 preamp or buy integrated version of A21.
I have a pair of 1028 BE II in one of my systems. When I purchased them, I also listened to the 1038’s in the dealer’s show room. The dealer demoed both pair of speakers with Mcintosh integrated amplifiers and I thought they sounded great! Cannot recall the particular model. It may have been the 6700. While I use separate amplifiers and preamplifiers in most of my set ups, due to space constraints, I employ an integrated with the 1028 speakers. The best that I have heard is the Pass Labs 150 integrated. It runs warm, but sounds incredible. Everything that you would want is there. Unfortunately, my wife found the set up difficult to operate (changing both the input on the television and amplifier to switch between sources). That system is where she watches most of her television. I simplified things for her by putting in an AV receiver with HDMI switching which operates in stereo mode. The room correction does help, but it is still nowhere near as good as when the Pass Labs integrated was in the system. I also had a Peachtree 220 SE in that system for a while which did a very nice job, but was not quite as good as the Pass Labs. Hope this was of some help to you.
If you’re not insistent on class A power (which the aforementioned amp may run out of juice)… based on my own first hand experience, I would second the motion for the Pass INT 150.  You get to stay in the Pass Labs family and there’s no such thing as too much power.  If anything it’s beneficial as you’ll get more dynamic headroom ..etc..