Integrated amp for Klipsch Forte

I have a Marantz 2275  with a pair of Klipsch Forte and it sounds great. I want to do away with the radio part of the receiver and go with an integrated amp with plenty of muscle for bass. Right now, I listen to the receiver with the loudness button on and this will give me the bass satisfaction that I enjoy with the Forte speakers. 

What integrated amps that can you recommend that will have a loudness switch or have a decent bass control for around a $1000? I've had the Outlaw Audio 2250 and sold it because I was not satisfied with it for long term use. This integrated amp can be new or old tube, solid state or hybrid. Thanks for your inputs.

I have an Antique Sound Labs MG Si15DT, a modest 5 wpc SET integrated with Gold Lion KT88s and a pair of NOS Telefunken 12ax7s, upgraded coupling caps to a pair of V-Cap CUTFs driving a pair of Forte I's with the Crites upgraded cross-overs and titanium tweeter diaphragms. 

Sound pretty darn good!
This post is over 2 years old and it dropped out of my mind. Sorry I never followed up on it. But, I guess it's never to late to respond.
I had an on going issue with the Marantz 2275 left audio signal and that made me put the Marantz into storage and look to other audio options. Fast forward to 2020, I've brought the Marantz back out in March and was able to get this issue fixed by a very good Audio Technician at Audio Services here in Va. Beach. The technician found the pre-amp output relay (where you plug the RCA jumpers) contact was dirty and causing a low signal transfer to the left channel. I have kept the Marantz 2275 and enjoy this amp with the Fortes (with all the Crite's upgrades) very much everyday now. I've sold the Jolida amp and purchased a Vincent SV237 to use with a set of Klipsch Quartet for a second room and I'm very satisfied with both my audio systems now.
I had Klipsch Forte's in the late 80's when I was new to the game and they were my first really good speakers.  I had the wrong support equipment and was to poor to get the amp they needed, so I sold them. I had NAD gear at the time.  Years later I had a Jolida JD-1000a integrated amp coupled to Spica TC-50 speakers in a 2nd system.   Great combination!  I've felt for years the Jolida would have been a great match up with the Forte's.  Try looking into EL-34 based tube amps.  If I could afford it I'd go find a pair of Forte's just to hear what they would sound like.
I definitely enjoy the Forte and would not part from them. Just one thing you'll need to be aware of is that they're heavy speakers and they'll need a place to be anchored. They sound their best with the mid-horns at ear level meaning there're on either on a speaker stand at that height or the stand is designed to tilt the speakers back. I have upgraded my Fortes with Crites High and Mids horns and crossover upgrade kits which I highly recommend and are worth the cost.