Integrated Amp for Dali Ikon 6

I recently purchased a pair of Dali Ikon 6 speakers with the intent to use them in a HT with a Denon 3801 receiver. I wasn't thrilled with the result, a somewhat bright sound and thin lean bass. I brough out an old B&K system - Sonata Pro MC-10 preamap and an EX-442 AMP which transformed the system. Smooth highs, rich mid's and solid bass...but I can't use this combo in the room. Given that we use the system for 95% music , I'm thinking that an integrated amp with a HT bypass mode would give me the best of both worlds, good 2-channel and the ability to use HT with the Denon driving the other channels when needed. Here's what I'm looking for

- Remote w/ input selection
- Home Theater Bypass Mode
- Under 2K
- Prefer to avoid tubes
- Around 100wpc (room is 14x22x8)
- Sonic signature similar to B&K equip listed above
- Relatively compact size

Any suggestions?
Try NuForce, they have an integrated around $1200 with an HT pass through. It's only 50 watts, but can drive my Dali Grands pretty well.
Sorry my mistake, the NuForce IA-7 integrated does not have an HT pass-through.