Integrated Advice vs. Present Adcom Combo

I am presently running a GFP 565 Pre Amp and a GFA 535II Amp(60WPC). I need to conserve space and am contemplating a tube integrated. Any thoughts on a better setup? At higher levels the sound is bright and muddy. Budget is around $500.00 new/used. Running Kimber Select 1010/Nordost Red dawn I/C's and Kimber 8TC wires. My speakers are Monitor Audio S8's.

Thanks for any input.
I would be looking into a Audio Refinement integrated. It can be had used in your price range. The next otion is the Cambridge integrated on sale for $249 with a free PS audio powercable included. If you sell that adcom amp I would be interested.
My absolutely honest answer to your question is: I don't think that you will be able for $500 to significantly improve on your Adcom separates (assuming they are both in good mechanical and electrical operating condition). The 565 preamp, while a somewhat dated design, is still a decent unit, and there are not many moderately priced integrated amps that provide more than the 60 wpc of the 535. I think you would be better in the long run to defer the purchase for now, save another $500 - $750, and then "go shopping" for a good quality integrated amp.
Nait 5i is an excellent integrated that appears on Audiogon used for about $1000. I bought one to replace an expensive system and was very happy with it.

You can sell your Adcom amps to add to your $500 budget.
I second the Audio Refinement Complete (used). It has received very good reviews, and based on my personal experience of the Adcom GFP 565 (was a big bottle neck- killed by Creek passive), I think there would be a significant improvement.