integra dhc 80.1

hi all, i have been planning to get an integra 80.1. i have had my eye on this unit for about a year now. but... because some equipment now has hdmi 1.4, does this mean that the integra 80.1 is going to be obsolete?

thanks everyone
The 80.2 is already showing.
Actually, the DTR-80.2 receiver shows on the website, but not the DHC-80.2 preamplifier.

I think the DTR-50.2 is probably a better value than the DTR-80.2 when it comes to receivers, but don't know anything about the preamplifiers. I would imagine that it comes down to what features you really want/need.
It appears that the DHC-80.1 has balanced outputs that are not available on any of the other preamplifiers or receivers. Is that the feature you're choosing it for?
The DHC 80.2 will be released next month and includes the new Audyssey XT 32 which is reason enough to wait a bit. This is just a higher resolution version of the normal XT that comes on the 80.1.