Innuos ZEN Mini Mk3 vs Bluesound Vault 2i

I'm looking for input on these items... I currently have the Node 2i and of course I'm familiar with its sound and BlueOS system.  I want to add CD ripping/storage to my digital world as well as Roon... some time in the future.  I was about to pull the trigger on the Vault 2i when I found the ZENmini.  At first glance, the ZEN mini looks like the clear winner but I'm hoping for any owners to chime in with their review.  And I would not be upgrading to the power supply or external DAC.  Trying to compare each unit as they are.  But I have no experience with Innuos and the nearest dealer is 4 hours away.  Also concerned with ipeng9... the apple app operating system it uses.  I've never heard of it.  Some online reviews (Darko and Steve Huff) also state the ZEN mini's sound doesn't really take off without the extra add-ons.  But a subjective online review only goes but so far... Any input is appreciated?  Thanks!

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Some of this has been covered in other threads. @stevehuff has an extensive writeup that you can glean some info from here: 
but he's taking things a few steps further with the LPS and reclocker. Your question about using Innuos with iPeng is valid. I started using Orange Squeeze with my Zenith which is a similar control app used for android devices. It presents only the most basic control functions (play, pause, stop) and the ability to manually create a play queue but no saved playlists (not sure if iPeng is more sophisticated). I would definitely suggest you understand your current and future use case and requirements because the control app alone could be a non starter for you. If you plan on using Roon, Innuos integrates cleanly but you have to be good with the yearly ($119) or lifetime ($699) subscription. To Roon or not to Roon….that is the question!