InFocus Screenplay 4805 vs Panasonic PT-L500U

Hi guys,

Has anyone seen the Panasonic PT-L500U projector (or the AE500U, same thing)? I'm trying to choose between the InFocus and the Panasonic, but it's hard since I can't find a brick and mortar store that has the Panasonic. I'd really rather not get one mail ordered if I'm not sure about it... That's a lot of money on the ol' credit card.

I'm attracted to specs of the PT-L500U (HD res, anti-screen-door thingy, etc), and I'm pretty susceptible to the DLP rainbow effect found on the InFocus. So I would lean towards the Panasonic, but I'm just really not into buying stuff without seeing it.

Some info about what I'll be watching:
Mostly DVDs, some Hi Def, from about 12 feet away. I do NOT need a 100" screen. Even like 60" would be just fine.

Either is a save buy and should be an excellent front pj. have you been researching on the avforums? Waht you need to do is post on avs and see if someone local to you has the panny and would be winning to host you for an evening. that way you could see it in person.

many of the purchases of these entry-level digital pjs ARE a LEAP OF FAITH, most of the buyers tend to buy one on faith of the rave reports in the avs forums. basically if the pj is either raved about on avs (by a lot of posters, especially respected ones) or on the's top 10 list, it is likely that that PJ is not a stinker. ''

it sounds like these purchase is just expensive and buying sight unseen is just freaking you out a little. :-)

I was in the same boat last march and took a leap of faith on the Optoma H30 DLP projector. colors, brightness, and black levels are out of this world. I ditched my direct view CRT TV and never looked back. 92 diagonal hear. Rock on!
Thanks for the advice. You're right, I'm just not into buying things sight-unseen. I might just have to!

Do you know of any good AV forums out there? is the one he is referring to.
yep, . see the sub-$3500 digital front projection forum. that forum is the defacto definitive source about low cost digital projectors like the ones you are considering. I'm actually a little both surprised and impressed that you narrowed it down to those two projectors without using the AV Science forums. You have prety good instincts. I feel ANY projector choice you make will be OK.

also consider THROW distance. some pjs need a LONG throw (big room) some need a SHORT throw (ok in little rooms). and if you room is reasonably light controlled, any thing over 750 LUMENS will be "OK." for the throw distance calculator of each projector