Info needed on McCormack ALD-1 preamp please

Seems like Steve's McCormack's current Company (SMC i think) is not interested in answering questions on his older designs...Zero customer service..Anywho,can anybody direct as to where i can find an owners manual (i did the Google search but no audio manual websites seems to stock one) Also need info on the phono section (basic specs) and looking to find out if the clear acrylic top was an option or if the ALD-1 with the clear top i just purchased was custom made...Thanks!
Hi Bradster -

I think perhaps you have confused my business - SMc Audio - with McCormack Audio of Virginia. Kris and I are always ready to help with questions about my equipment designs and the upgrades we offer. You can contact me via my website at or by phone at 760-732-0352.

To answer your questions, just send me an e-mail request for the ALD-1 owner's manual and we will send you a .PDF copy right away. Also ask for the Micro Phono Drive manual and that will include specs on the plug-in phono module (also used in the RLD-1 and MAP-1, and still available from McCormack Audio). We made only a few of the clear acrylic tops back in the days of the original company, primarily for use in show displays. We did provide a few to dealers and customers, as well. So, not exactly custom, but never really production, either.

I hope this answers your questions, but please give us a call if you need further information.

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
Thank you very much for your prompt response Steve..I will do as you suggest and summit my request through the SMc website's email contact..
Bradster56....You certainly blasted away at one of the most helpful, and I might add, gracious, designers of audio products. If you frequented this or other audio sites, you would know Steve is more than willing to share his wealth of knowledge on former products with those of us who own them.

In spite of your quick draw McGraw post, I see he graciously assisted on products that are now being produced by Conrad Johnson/McCormack, not his SMc company.

No relationship to Steve on my part, other than a happy customer of his products for almost 20 years. He's a class act in a business that can use him....The Conrad Johnson staff also provides great customer service.

Hello Steve,

Would you happen to know if the phono module would fit in a TLC-1 Deluxe?


ps: I agree with everything Rootmann said...
Hi Wayne -

I did not include phono capability in the TLC-1 design, figuring that users would add an outboard phono stage if they wished. The phono module I designed went into the ALD-1 preamp and the Micro Phono Drive, and was later incorporated into the RLD-1 and MAP-1 preamps.

These days we have a lot of dedicated phono preamps to choose from once again, so just pick one that fits your needs and you're good to go.

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
Major Mea Culpa...I have had ongoing email contacts and a telephone conversation with Kris at SMc...All my questions were answered and i'm impressed with the hands-on customer service...I got caught up and confused in the whole McCormack Audio in Virginia madness...Sorry again..